Die Wahrheiten der Menschen sind die unwiderlegbaren Irrtümer.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), dt. Philosoph



Our Innovation & Excellence Award 2022

Blockchain & Crypto

  • We are crypto MAXIMALISTS, not only investors and traders.
  • We are at home in the so-called Crypto Valley of Switzerland, in Zug/Switzerland.
  • We are not just crypto investors and traders, we are crypto MAXIMALISTS. We are absolutely fascinated by new technologies, AI, our RoboFOX, crypto, blockchain, technology companies, etc.
  • When it comes to crypto, we have decided to focus primarily on crypto research, in addition to our own crypto trading.

  • Over 8 "fundamental" research models:
    In the area of research, we now have over 8 "fundamental" research models (including our own regression model, Power-Law model, etc.), as well as our quantitative models including RoboFOX.

  • Our quantitative models and our RoboFOX:
    As mentioned, we use various models, so-called fundamental models, but also quantitative models, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and of course our RoboFOX (SwissAnalyse Invest & FoxLink GmbH).
  • We are also active in the area of NFTs, tokens and blockchain.

Software Products

  • We realize our own software products together with SwissAnalyse Invest:
  • RoboFOX in Finance
  • RoboFOX in Power Industry
  • Sustainability with AI
  • Fund-Peer-Group
  • Smart Finance Platform
  • and other products
  • Realization of software products for customers

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Data analytics & business analytics
  • Algorithm, AI
  • Implementation of data crunching & data driven workshops
  • Realization of prototypes within 2 - 4 weeks
  • Realization of customer-specific analytics solutions and products

Management Consulting: Corporate Mind-Set, Corporate Culture, Disruption, Innovation, Efficiency

  • Changing the mind-set of companies by adapting their framework conditions
  • Changing corporate cultures
  • Disruptive innovation, thinking-out-of-the-box, metaverse
  • NOT-100% employment of management as a goal, increasing efficiency, time management, ....
  • WE question straightforwardly, are not always nice, not in need of harmony, but always correct, seek constructive dialog, real questioning, real changes, real and sustainable solutions...