Data Analytics, Algorithm, AI/KI

  • Data analytics & business analytics
  • AI, Algorithm
  • Implementation of data crunching & data driven workshops
  • Realization of prototypes within 2 - 4 weeks
  • Realization of customer-specific analytics solutions and products
  • Realization of specific algorithms. Here we were honored with an award 2022 (Data Analytics Specialists of the Year 2022)
  • Consulting and workshop Data Analytics, Data Crunching, Data Driven, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics. What does it mean for your company to use data analytics, what data is available, what roles are available, what use cases are available, definition of the top use cases for the MVP, etc.?
  • Data architecture (data lake), skills, agile SW realization, delivery processes, cloud vs. onpremise, etc.
  • Architecture: The architecture should be set up correctly from the outset so that the company does not block any cases for the future. This is a must if data analytics is to be successfully implemented, introduced and expanded. Topics here include data lakes vs DWH, structured vs unstructured data, indexing, data imports, data flows overall, RealTime, Cloud vs onPremise, etc.
  • Implementation:
    • Service Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics
    • Implementation of so-called Data Crunching & Data Driven Workshops
    • Definition and prioritization of analytic use-cases, realization of ProtoTyp/MVP
    • Realization of data analytic projects (end-to-end): Solution, Products
    • Realization of embedded analytic products
    • Analytic products (finance, insurance, health, industry, hr, ....)
    • Consulting & implementation of data lakes
    • Product LifeCycle, Product Strategy & Product Extension
  • Sectors:
    • Finance
    • Health
    • Insurance
    • HR & Business Health Management
    • Industry

Implementation of specific algorithms and customer products. Here we were honored with an Award 2022 (Data Analytics Specialists of the Year 2022).

Implementation of Data Define workshops

Realization of ProtoTypes within 2 - 4 weeks

Realization of customer-specific analytic solutions and products